Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Embracing the cliche

This time of year the internet is overflowing with year in reviews, looks back and other self indulgent retrospectives.  Not being one to buck the trend, here is my look back at 2012 and a few things on the horizon for 2013.

January -   Ran Frosty Fifty in Winston Salem with Tim and Rob.  Started too fast. Tried new nutrition. Got sick. Got slow.  Puked.  Bonked.  Lesson learned.

February - Couldn't get into the Mount Mitchell Challenge so I ran the marathon.  It was cold, I had fun and ran slow.  No puking so we'll call that an improvement.

March - Ran the Umstead Trail Marathon with Tim and Wendy.  I had an amazing time running with Wendy and pushing myself to keep up with her 10th place overall female finish and setting a course PR for myself in the process.  One of my all time favorite races.

March - "Ran" the Bel Monte 50 Mile Endurance Run.  Rained the entire time.  Wanted to quit a lot.  Kept going.  Learned a lot about myself.  Finished by myself in the dark, cold and rain.  Hated it.  Loved it.  Will do it again.  (I'm a moron.)

April - Volunteered at the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run.  The kids and I worked an aid station for several hours.  They loved the atmosphere and worked hard the entire time.  I was thrilled that they didn't want to leave.  Paced a lap for Jen and then a lap for Amy.  Stayed up all night.  Had a ball.

June - Started sleeping in a tent inside the house.  Yes, I'm sure that's normal behavior.  Shut up.

July - Ran the Grandfather Mountain Marathon.  One word, humid.  Drove the course the day before and freaked myself out.  Ran conservatively and surprised myself with an amazing day.  Finished in 4:03 and felt amazing.  Convinced myself I was ready for Leadville.  (I wasn't.)

August - Piled the family into the Family Truckster and drove to Leadville, Colorado.  Wife and kids crewed.  I ran.  I walked.  I gasped.  I puked.  I walked some more.  I ran a little.  I missed the cut off at Winfield.  I cried.  I cussed.  I reflected.  I focused on the positive and decided to go back.  Hired a coach and started getting serious for Leadville 2013.

September - Ran a lot.  Searched for my motivation.

October- Ran the Medoc Trail Marathon with Tim.  Had a great race and began to get my mojo back after Leadville.

November - Went to Panama City Beach, FL. to support Wendy while she kicked ass at Ironman Florida.

November - Ran the Richmond Marathon with Tim.  Low expectations.  Negative split.  New PR.  Color me surprised.

November - Paced my neighbor Rob for several hours at the Crooked Road 24 Hour Run in VA.

November - Ran a local 5K with my wife, 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son.  They loved it.  Very proud.

December- Ran a lot.  Finished up the year by running 830 miles between September 1 - Dec. 31.  Became addicted to http://ultrarunnerpodcast.com.  You should check it out.

January 1, 2013- Registered for the 2013 Leadville Trail 100 Run.

Lots more running planned for 2013.  Thanks to everyone who checked out this blog during the last year.  Please keep checking back and let me know your thoughts and comments.

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